Island Sustainability

The Island Sustainability committee provides opportunities for people in Georgetown to get together to celebrate and share ways of living that support Georgetown’s natural resources.  We want to be a place of connection, for community celebration and discussion.  We hope to plant seeds for thinking about familiar practices that may no longer be sustainable.

To date we have hosted three very popular Local Harvest Potluck suppers and have held Forums for Discussion in the spring on the subjects of community gardens and food sharing. With the school children, we’ve supported work in the forests through Project Canopy and have continued with the “Turtle Crossing” project.

Some ideas for topics for a Spring Forum for 2014 include buying locally, car pools off island, sustainable gardening practices, foraging from the wild, bartering our skills and talents, information sharing about what thrives on Georgetown, what to do about deer and other problems like invasive plants. Is it possible for us to live on this beautiful island without having to leave it?

We’d like to hear your ideas and, if some of these ideas seem exciting, please let us know.

Please contact Rosalie Paul at [email protected].

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Next Harvest Potluck

The Sustainability Committee will be hosting the Harvest Potluck dinner at the Georgetown Community Center in late September or early October, 2014.  Please check this website for the exact date and details later in the year.


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