Coastal Cleanup- COMING, SEPTEMBER 21, 2019!

While (of course) we encourage everyone to pick up trash when they see it and dispose of it properly, every September Georgetown makes a special effort to return our shoreline to its natural state and record what we find there by participating in International Coastal Clean Up day.  Gathering not only litter, but the data about what it is and where it comes from has been used to eliminate trash at its sources and increase understanding of environmental and health impacts.  On September 21, 2019 volunteers will be at the Transfer Station to inventory and recycle collected coastal trash.  In 2018, Georgetown residents brought in and recorded 240 pounds of trash from 5.8 miles of shore.

Across the U.S. in 2017 210,000 people took part in Coastal Clean Up day, and Georgetown joined 1,150 other Mainers in doing so.  The #1 item of litter collected on Maine beaches was plastic beverage bottles.

A sample of what we’ve learned:  half of the trash in the oceans is from discarded or lost fishing gear.

Further Resources

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Or, Download the ‘Clean Swell’ app onto your phone and you can participate in adding data to International Coastal Clean Up any time you’re at the beach or shore – Fun for kids!

91% of all plastic (takes 400 years to degrade) has not been recycled, and it is predicted that without changes by midcentury the ocean will contain as much plastic, ton for ton, as fish.  Read about it here

Coastal Cleanup form

Download the coastal cleanup form by clicking on the image to the right.