Climate Change / Sea-level Rise

Most of the Conservation Commission’s projects reflect, respond to, or anticipate the effects of climate change and imminent sea level rise on our vulnerable coastal community.  As one community potentially severely affected by global warming, it is daunting to figure out how, on a local level, to ameliorate forces occurring on a much larger scale.  We try.

In 2015, the Conservation Commission produced a report on Georgetown’s vulnerability to climate change and sea level rise.  As part of the Comprehensive Planning process taking place in Georgetown from 2017-2019, we have taken stock of actions taken and progress made towards the 48 specific recommendations contained in the original report.  That update as approved at Georgetown’s 2019 Town Meeting is here:

You can read the full text of Georgetown’s 2019 Comprehensive Plan, as approved at Town Meeting June 15, 2019, at the Town website here:

Today’s national climate change news

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Additional Resources

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